Turn an outlet on and or off at a time once

Is there an easy way to setup an outlet to turn on and or off at a time but not write an automation? I only want it to happen once. The purpose of it helps. My truck has an engine block heater and I don’t leave it on all the time but I leave the plug in and on a smart outlet. Power it up a couple hours before you leave. So if I am taking it in the morning I don’t do often it’s nice to have it turn on while I’m still in bed. The time to turn on changes as well as the need to even take it.

Automating a device without writing an automation :thinking:

Try searching the forum for: custom scheduler card.

This will allow you to set times for the switch to turn on and off and allow you to easily disable the schedule.

what about a script? You can call it when you go to bed, and it will run during the night and turn on the switch at the designated time, then turn off the switch and deactivate the script after the timeout