Turn Boolean on using trigger slot

I know you can use a trigger slot to fill in a name on a sensor, for example I use…

platform: conversation
  - Where is {name}

If I say where is Andrew, it then responds using

{{ states('sensor.' ~ trigger.slots.name | lower | replace('?', '') ~ 'cl') }}

Where sensor.andrewcl is a sensor that says where I am… As below…

  - name: "andrewcl"
    unique_id: 230207031515
    state: >-
        {% if is_state('sensor.where_is_andrew', 'dining') %}
        Andrew is in the Dining Room.
        {% else %}
        Sorry, Andrew is nowhere to be found.
        {% endif %}

Works wonderfully… there is one for each person in the house.

Now I would like to do a simar thing with Booleans, I have a Boolean for each person, when turned on it would run an automation specific to that person.

So I would use

platform: conversation
  - {name} is using the Gym

And be able to trigger the correct Boolean… Just not sure of the syntax if someone can help… I am thinking something like below

service: input_boolean.turn_on
metadata: {}
data: {}
  entity_id: 'input_boolean.gym_setup_' ~  trigger.slots.name

Hope this makes sense…

try “input_boolean.gym_setup_{{trigger.slots.name}}”

It is convenient to experiment with similar values in dev tools - template

Any of these would work.

entity_id: input_boolean.gym_setup_{{trigger.slots.name}}

entity_id: "{{ 'input_boolean.gym_setup_' ~ trigger.slots.name }}"

entity_id: >
  {{ 'input_boolean.gym_setup_' ~ trigger.slots.name }}

Brilliant, thank you