Turn dumb ADT alarm into a Smart one

Guys. I came across this project called konnected. It basically turns any hard wired alarm system such as ADT into a connected one. Http://konnected.io/

Also, you can also use any wired sensors, relays, switches and etc with konnected. It’s pretty darn cool and its only like 30-40 bucks. It has smartthings integration tho. Only thing missing is HA. I know you can connect ST with HA through MQTT, but lets have less hub if possible. Wired sensors and sirens are freaking cheap - as such i think this is a damn good idea.

Is anyone interested in integrating this? The founder @heythisisnate is willing to give free boards to whoever who wanna take a look. Im sure he can work something out with you guys.

As for me? Im just interested in turning my ADT alarm into a smart one. But only prob is no HASS integration. :frowning: Help pls?


Thanks for posting this @flyguy!

Nate here, I’m the creator of Konnected. This project started out as a personal side project. I got into SmartThings initially before I ever heard about HASS. The SmartThings community has been fantastic and very receptive to this product, and I’m ready to accelerate our plans to expand into HomeAssistant compatibility.

I’d love your thoughts/feedback on the product. If there are any HASS developers looking for part-time contract work and/or a HASS integration to work on in the next couple months, I’m looking for partners to help me with this! Please contact me directly.

Check out my new video:

Definitely interested. What would ADT say if we will switch out theirs with yours (panel)? I assume you already have folks doing this swap?

ADT is the monitoring company network. As long as you’re not under contract with them, what they say or think doesn’t matter at all. Many, many homes in North America (and all over the world) have old wired alarm systems that are not currently being monitored by ADT or similar company because it’s expensive and those old systems are annoying to use. Let’s put those sensors to work by making them part of Home Automation!

If you own your home, then you own the wiring inside of it, so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from installing whatever alarm system panel you want.

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Yes, to answer your question, I’ve had over 500 customers successfully install an earlier prototype kit version of the Konnected Alarm Panel. The device I’m launching on Kickstarter this month is a custom circuit board based on months of feedback and refinement from hundreds of customers who have used the Konnected DIY kit for SmartThings.

This device makes it easier than ever to install, and the modular design of the circuit board and NodeMCU wifi chip makes it easy to program and swap out. I’d love to have a beta of a HASS module by the beginning of the year!

Question for you… using your board, is it possible to place diodes between my existing panel contacts and yours, assuming that I use those where I split the signal? The reasoning behind this is to actually KEEP my current alarm system, which integrates with our whole-home-audio-system and UPB lighting controls, while using your board to connect those same sensors up to Home Assistant?

Also, whats the number of inputs on the board, as we have 16 inputs currently?

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It’s technically possible yet, but this gets a little complex, and we don’t support it at this time. Maybe in a future product.

Each board supports up to 6 inputs and one output (i.e. siren). You can simply add more boards to support an unlimited number of inputs. For example, you would need 3 boards for 16 inputs. They’re very small (smaller than a credit card) and low power, so it’s very easy to add more.

Thanks for the reply. We don’t have annual contract w ADT but they’re monitoring our home month to month. So the folks who have installed Konnected just use it as self-monitor i.e. without 3rd party monitoring company? Sorry if I’ve missed the obvious.

Yes, the vast majority of Konnected customers want to self-monitor because they either don’t want to pay monthly monitoring fees, or they don’t think that pro-monitoring is worth it for them. SmartThings also has a built in integration with Scout Alarm for pro monitoring (~$20/mo), and some of my customers have chosen to use that and they’re happy with it. I’m still new to HASS, so I don’t know yet if there are any pro-monitoring integrations for HASS yet, but it seems like it’s definitely technically possible to do.

FFS… I wish this existed last year,. I invested in a DSC panel, which I hate. I would love to rip and replace that unit as any required changes are a complete bitch to manage. I use Envisalink to expose this stuff to HASS, and that is nice, but exposing this over mqtt would be nicer.

2 related questions:

  1. Would keypads continue to work?
  2. If so, would any wireless sensors that connect to the keypads work?

Thanks. I would be super excited to play with this.

No. But what you can do that’s really cool is mount an inexpensive tablet there instead and make it a home automation touch panel. You can re-use the keypad wiring to run power to a USB charger for the tablet.

No. In this case I recommend that you replace the wireless sensors with Z-wave or Zigbee sensors.

Got it. That is what I pretty much expected to here, but wasnt sure. When will this be available and at what price?

The Kickstarter campaign starts Nov 14th and the early-bird pre sale starts at $49. The first production run should be in your hands by January.

I hope to have at least a beta or MVP of HASS support by the time the production boards are ready but that depends on a lot of things so I can’t promise a timeline on that yet.

I assume this uses connected server for cimmunucatuin?

Will you have API for people who do Not want connect through cloud server?

Zone expansion possible?

There’s no cloud server! In the SmartThings implementation, the device communicates directly to the SmartThings API and to the hub on your local network. For the future HASS implementation, it would communicate directly with the HASS server on your local network probably with either a HTTP API or MQTT.

Each device supports up to 6 zones and one output (siren, for example), but you can expand to unlimited zones by just adding more devices. We will be offering packages with support 6-, 12-, 18- and 24-zones plus accessories like a beeper for a door chime and a power adapter.

a few concerns…

Do these support battery backup for power outages? Are they independently functional without WiFi, if WiFi goes down?

This is awesome. I have one of those older systems that is just sitting there. I am going to keep an eye on this. When HASS support comes I will be quick to purchase one.

Thanks for your enthusiasm! The best way to get one as soon as HASS support comes out is to support us in the Kickstarter launching next week. I expect to have at least a beta of HASS support by the time the units are delivered.

There are a number of easily available battery backup and internet backup solutions that you can implement to mitigate against power/internet outages. See: Backup Battery and WiFi

It’s not designed to be 100% fail-safe though. However with the necessary backups in place, it’s pretty darn reliable.

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This project is live on Kickstarter now! I’m really excited about sharing this with all of you!