Turn lights on when Arlo detects motion

So it’s not possible to do it locally, you still have to go through the netgear API via their servers as the camera’s have an encryped connection there.

But at least it would remove the additional hop of the IFTTT server. I did have a look at this in the past but lacked the skills to code it up, and lacked the time to learn the skills :frowning:

I don’t know if you’ve solved this but there is a topic on a replacement arlo module for home assistant. I’ve installed it and seems to be working fine. I have a node-red automation set up so that if motion is triggered on any camera and it’s night then it turns on my hue lights outside. It does away with any requirement for IFTTT.

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+1 for the new Arlo module, I use it for motion detection and it works great so far. I believe they are looking into HACS integration. Hopefully it will eventually replace the existing arlo component.

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