Turn Mycroft Mark II into Mic/Speaker for Voice Assistant

I have two Mark IIs which are paper weights at this stage since Mycroft shut down. I’m wondering if anyone has turned these into “edge devices” for Home Assistant. Can we get these to 1) serve as a speaker/mic for voice assistant and 2) display useful home assistant information on its display?

Not edge devices per se, but Neon AI officially took over as the OS for the Mark 2 after Mycroft shut down - the image can be downloaded here: Download the Neon AI Personal Assistant and Network Services and Applications | Neon AI

There’s a skill and plugin that come with it that you can configure via OAuth or directly in the configuration file that lets you communicate with Home Assistant, either through the plugin itself or directly speaking to the Assist API. There is a GUI display for it but I don’t recommend using it right now. It’s in need of a Qt maintainer since the previous one left and with many entities it will crash the Mark 2.

Neon has a Matrix channel for support or I’m happy to help out on this forum too. I’m one of the maintainers for the skill and plugin on Neon/OpenVoiceOS (OVOS).

I’d definitely recommend one of the OS images for the Mark 2 vs. trying to roll your own, as there are some specific drivers necessary to get the mic/speaker/display working properly, and if you were previously using Mycroft skills they’re compatible with the new software. Many have been enhanced after forking from the original Mycroft skill.

Please do let me know how you want to move forward!


P.S. If you email [email protected] she has been known to mail SSDs with Neon pre-burned on them, which noticeably improve performance speed, and she’s also happy to help!