Turn off iPhone location tracking but Home Assistant still knows where I am!

This last week I came up against something annoying - I was visiting a toy shop in a shopping mall to buy my son a surprise squishmallow and had attempted to keep Home Assistant from knowing where I was (and so giving the game away) by turning off tracking on my iPhone in ‘find my friends’ and also ‘location services’ in privacy…none of that stopped Home Assistant from updating my information!

Any ideas how this can be remedied/fixed?


Assuming you use the HA app on your phone, you have to undo access to location for this app.
Not sure if you use other tracking apps integrated with HA

I thought I did that, but maybe not.
I definitely did turn off ALL location services/tracking which I thought would supersede per app settings but maybe not!
Thank you

I myself only use the HA app to use location, aside supposedly-well-meant-abusers like googlemaps and only the HA app is integrated with HA…with me that is fine. I myself face the other way of things, I hardly get an update on my location in HA (maybe we should swap phones :rofl:)