Turn off nest-camera streaming..?

In some countries there are laws and regulations around constantly streaming data from cameras depending on what they stream.

Is there a way on the nest-integration to either turn off the camera, or stop the streaming…?

I still want to take snapshots, so I don’t want to neuter it entirely, just the streaming.
I’m not sure if the stream stops if I remove the camera from the overview, but if I try, I can’t have a dynamic overview anymore with new devices…

The stream only connects to the stream in these cases:

  • It will open the stream and grab a single frame to display on the screen as a snapshot. It refreshes from time to time based on which entity card you’re using.
  • You have preload stream enabled, then at start up it will stream
  • You click to open the stream then it will open a stream

The text displays Streaming because it used to display Idle and people would complain it was broken even though it wasn’t. There is no “on” or “off” really, so consider this arbitrary, but it seemed like claiming to be streaming when not seemed better than claiming to be not streaming when streaming.

Let me know if you’d like additional info. Also, don’t take legal advice from me :slight_smile:


I’m not 100% certain, but the physical nest-device also seams to always be showing the green little light indicating that the camera is on. Will the streaming being idle turn that off, or is it the integration to googles pub/sub service that ends up making it always green…

Based on what you wrote, I would have thought that as long as I don’t have the camera card modal open, it wont “stream” (I don’t have preload enabled) and I should be compliant with regulations that sais “Don’t have your camera always streaming against others people property”.

The green light is a problem tho, but that might be a bug on google’s side…

Can you scroll back in time in the Google nest or home app?

This is a little strange, and my whole problem might be something else.

I can scroll and see events in the app, and there is a light-gray area for when it has filmed where I can see footage. Most of the timeline is dark gray and contains no data, but for some reason, I can always see the last 15 minutes (light gray and contains data). The light-gray last 15 minutes is moving.

I’m not sure if this makes the light always green tho, this feels more of a setting inside the nest app