Turn off "remember this login" popup

So I just installed hassio yesterday and am excited to get it all up and running the way I want it to. One thing that is minor, but still annoying, is that every time I log in there is a pop up in the bottom right hand corner that asks if I want to remember this login. I click no every time, but it still pops up the next time I log in. Is there a way to turn that off completely?


It’s behaving exactly as it was designed. By responding “no”, you’re refusing its offer to store the login information. If you don’t store it, the message appears every time.

Perhaps they should post this under Feature Requests then?

If you respond ‘no’, with the desire that it never asks again, it’ll have to save your ‘no’ decision locally so that next time it’ll know it shouldn’t ask.

The fact it’ll have to save your decision locally is effectively what it currently does when you indicate ‘yes’. So six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Choose ‘yes’ and the message goes away and no Feature Request is needed.

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But to say that you have to choose “yes” to make it go away is basically saying “use the feature or dismiss it every time”. I don’t want it to save my login information, and I don’t want to have to tell it no every time I log in not to save it. I want it to remember that I don’t want it to save it.

Sounds to me like this is a feature request. I’ll post in that forum instead. Thanks!

So what you’re saying is you want to supply a username and password each time you login and you don’t want the reminder message?

If you don’t want to supply a username and password each time and you don’t want the reminder message, you may wish to look into using the trusted_networks option.

What I’m saying is that I want to supply a username and password each time I login, and I don’t want to have to tell it that I don’t want it to remember each time I log in.

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Roger that. That’s a Feature Request.

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A Newbie cannot easily determine whether it is a configuration or feature request though.

I agree with feature request in this instance.

I’m using Home Assistant 0.96.5. and it doesn’t’ matter whether I click save or don’t save the “remember this login” shows up every time. I would like it to go away as well.


I know this is older, but I ran into the same issue. I don’t want the “Do you want to stay logged in?” pop-up to appear as sometimes I am logging in on view-only device like a tv or somewhere it doesn’t make sense

under config->lovelace->resources add a javascript module using the url /local/all.js?v=1

in the same dir as your configuration.yaml file, create a “www” directory and save this file in it as all.js

// hide the "Do you want to stay logged in?" pop-up
// <ha-store-auth-card>
// /html/body/home-assistant//ha-store-auth-card
if(document.querySelector("body > home-assistant").shadowRoot.querySelector("ha-store-auth-card"))
  document.querySelector("body > home-assistant").shadowRoot.querySelector("ha-store-auth-card").remove()

if this is the first time you are using the “www” folder, you may have to restart home assistant before it will work.

note, this is current as of v0.112.4, installed from a HassOS image 4.11

if in the future, if you change or add things to all.js, edit the ?v=1 to ?v=2, etc, to force a browser reload.


Thank you for sharing

I am running a docker installation of Home Assistant 2021.8.8 and I cannot block the popup using the js module method described above.
Any help is greatly appreciateed.

This prompt shows up on clients that are logged in automatically via the trusted network setting. I do not see the purpose of displaying it at all in those cases (whether I select yes or no, the login will happen again regardless because of trusted network) and often can’t be interacted with anyway if it’s displayed on a headless device with no touchscreen.

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This has worked for me up until core-2021.10.5 - after that update the “do you want to stay logged in” popup box will not go away even with your code snippet here. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Really happy I stumbled upon your note here when I did…


I haven’t updated that far yet… and I probably won’t until after christmas so nothing breaks when I don’t have time to mess with it.

When I do update, i’ll revisit the code snippet, i’m sure there is someway to make it work again.

The other direction I have been going is using the http node in nodered to create like an /endpoint/ api for some data that is needed by other systems. an url created with a http node in nodered can be accessed without any login info, so it makes a nice simple way to get data from home assistant to whatever other program you need.

Well you are much smarter than me :joy:

I shouldn’t have updated so eagerly. Well, if you ever do get around to upgrading I’d love to know your solution. I’ll see if I can figure it out in my spare time as well. Good idea with the http node in nodred.

This worked for me as a js module added as a resource using the latest home assistant with everything updated:

document.querySelector("body > ha-store-auth-card").style.display = 'none'

That popup is gone in HA 2021.11.0bx