Turn off when time is correct?

Hi, have time sensor that give mi valute like 15:35

How can I make automation that work like this.
When time is same as current time then turn on something.
Maybe in node red?
Thax a lot.

Yes I know that but still can not find example for something like that.

If set time is same as current time. Than start automation

It’s right in the link I sent you.

  platform: time
  at: '15:35:00'

Unless you’re talking about using an input datetime to trigger an automation. Is that what you mean?

Maybe is missunderstanding.

I have input slider and I want that automation start at time that input slider is set.

Oh I see, sorry about that. Based on your first post, it looks like you have already set up a time_date sensor which is good. You’ll want to also set up an input datetime which you can use to set to whatever time you want the automation to fire at.

Then you can use this example to set up what you want. You’ll just need to change the entity IDs (sensor.time, input_datetime.bedroom_alarm_clock_time) to whatever they are in your setup.

I have now manage to working OK, but problem is when time is set to 3:5, but I need time shown like 03:05

Here is my configuration right now

  - platform: template
            friendly_name: 'Gretje'
            value_template: '{{ states.input_number.ure1.state | round(0) }}:{% if states.input_number.minute1.state|length == 1 %}0{% endif %}{{ states.input_number.minute1.state | round(0) }}'

Here is some of my code which should help.

  retic_program1_start_time_1:    # program start time control
    name: Program 1 Start Time 1
    has_date: false
    has_time: true

  - alias: Reticulation Run Program 1     # start program 1 at designated time if it is enabled and today is selected as a watering day
    initial_state: 'on'
      - platform: template
        value_template: "{{ states('sensor.time') == (states.input_datetime.retic_program1_start_time_1.attributes.timestamp | int | timestamp_custom('%H:%M', False)) }}"