Turn on and off Smart devices by tracking

Is it possible to “track” me throughout the the house? My bedroom is on one end and the living room is on the other. I was wondering if it’s possible for HA to know when I leave my bedroom to turn off my lights and AC and when I enter the living room to turn on the lights and AC (and vice versa).

The problem is that I can’t use motion sensors b/c of other people in the house and pets. (E.g. I don’t want the AC to turn on if the dog runs through the living room). Ultimately, I’d like to do this for all rooms so that way when my son and daughter leave their bedrooms and forget to turn off their lights and AC, it’s done automatically.

Aside from bluetooth and wifi, I also have zigbee and z-wave in my house. I would assume that tracking the phone position would be the only way but does that mean that I’d have to register each device with HA?


Yes it’s possible. Search the forum for “room presence”.