Turn on iPad using Home Assistant

I consider getting an iPad (wallmounted) to run HADasboard. I am not familliar with iPads so far.
Is it possible to turn on the screen without doing the “slide to unlock”-thing first?

It would be even better to turn on the screen using an app, combined with e.g. a motion sensor. (or just switching the charger off and back on) .

Otherwise I would probably get a nexus 7, combined with tasker to swith it on.

Thanks for your help.

I don’t think you can do this without user interaction. If you’re able to jailbreak it there might be something ready in Cydia. Otherwise you’re on your own to program something that must be continuously running in the foreground (imitating a GPS app let’s say) and adjust the screen’s brightness based on the motion sensor’s input.

I use my iPad in kiosk mode - just hit the home button to display the UI, no slide to unlock. Since I have to be pretty close to the iPad to see it I don’t see the value of a sensor to trigger it from afar…?

I did have an android tablet before, using motion activation to trigger the screen, but I found it distracting when the screen would be triggered by movement across the room

With my old ipad 2 I have to slide to unlock every time. Do you have an iPad with Touch ID?

However I’ve thought about a workaround to unlock an iPad without touch it.
It is possible to use a raspberry as a bluetooth keyboard emulator: here an example
I’ve just started looking at python so I can’t implement and test this. But I think maybe you can use a pir sensor to activate an automation in home assistant to send pressed key via shell command to the iPad. With a bt keyboard pressing caps lock twice unlock the iPad.
It’s really a messy solution, but maybe someone want to try this or create some sort of component ready to use.


I’m using the original iPad mini. I think you need to check the settings for kiosk mode to disable slide unlock

Sending it a push notification should wake it up.

Thanks. I will check this.

Did it work out for you?

Sorry, I haven’t had time to play with this lately.

This sounds really interesting. Have you managed to have any breakthrough?

so i did get this to work with using node red ssh commands here’s what i did.

First jailbreak your iPad and in cydia install openssh. (then follow the prompts to change your password. Then (optional) install activator from cydia, you can set this to open up the hass.io app or whatever you want from unlock. you will need to have ssh enabled on your hass.io so add it in the store and then open up terminal (Mac) or putty and input your hassio ip address. once you are logged in usually as root as user and password what ever you set up in the ssh login you will need to set your hass.io instance as a trusted host for your iPad follow this link and input root as the user and ip of your iPad should look like this

ssh [email protected][ipad.ip] mkdir -p .ssh

once that was done i added bigssh node to my palette in node red.
finally input your information in the node and set a trigger for it. For the command in biggssh i inputed
activator send libactivator.lockscreen.dismiss
there is probably an easier way of doing this but I for the life of me couldn’t find one also its not fast so if someone else has a way of doing this please let me know

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Hello, any news about this?. I am thinking of putting a tablet on the wall as a home assistant control center. I have an ipad that I hardly use and I would like to know how I can make the screen turn on automatically when someone approaches and also if I can use wallpanel on ios … thank you very much