Turn on light with brightness


I have a zigbee dimmer which I controll via HA. The dimmer can be turned on and off in the UI but the device itself remembers the brightness of the dimmer.
So for now I have created an automation that after the light is turned on the brightness will set to 255. The problem is that there is some blinking, because it is turned on at a low bightness and after a second it fades to 255.
So is there a way to tell the light.turn on (especially for this device) to switch on with the brightness 255?
I thought about something like overriding the turn_on entry in the customize.yaml like:

      brightness: 255

Is this possible?

Look at the option settings for your dimmer in the zwave control panel. There will probably be a setting to make it always turn on full brightness.

What make & model is it?

It is a iluminize 511.201 Zigbee 3.0 Dimm-Aktor.
So there is no zwave control panel. Is there an equivalent for zigbee? How can I see the functions of the devices?