Turn on lights triggered by phone alarm with TASKER

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Still new with working around in Home Assistant.
So far I do have some basic automations up and running that, so far, suit my needs.
However, I would really like that my bedroom ceiling lights turn on as soon as my phone wake up alarm goes off.
Due to irregular shifts (welcome to the world of aviation), I would like Tasker to trigger my light Shelly light switch.
I have been looking on Youtube and used the video from BRUH Automation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvSYZnKS0es) as a guide.
Also the following Github page: https://github.com/seangreen2/home_assistant/wiki/Turning-off-your-lights-with-Tasker
But as I am really new to this (but it looked so easy) I have been failing over and over again.
Could someone help me out with this?

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here is a link to a post i made not so long ago,


i used tasker to turn on a light with a flash when my wife calls my phone.

like you i thought i knew it but turned out i knew nothing… this post and the help of the people on here got me up and running in no time…

hope it helps

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I will have a look at it and give it a try, thanks so far!
Will let you know if it has been helpfull :smiley:

read the whole thing… like you i tried from the Bruh video but home assistant is changing every day so its not long untill videos are out of date and not working any more ( thats almost word for word what I got told and its true).

i’ll do my best to help if I can, though i’ve very sure there are more experienced people out there… (namely the ones who taught me about a month ago :wink: )

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Well, it took some time to read and especially to understand, but I have got “the backend” up and running (the automations, and what I have to fill in, in TASKER)
Thanks so far @Rdoull


I cannot find the right trigger in the Tasker app…
Basically what I want is that as soon as my alarm goes off, I hear my alarm and also the light switches on, but I cannot seem to find the trigger (if there is any)

If you have google assistant/home linked to your home assistant then you could use a google assistant routine.

In my alarm on my Android phone I can add a google assistant routine and control home assistant devices when my alarm is triggered. So I can turn lights on and turn thermostats up etc.

Unfortunatly I do not have a Google assistant/home, and so far I am not yet really comfortable of having one in my house,

You don’t need a physical google home device. Just to have setup your hass.io in the google home app.

So after a short night of sleep, I woke up this morning with my bedroom light turned on when my alarm went off.
Last evening, to test if it works, I set multiple alarms to see if it worked, it did not.
I dont know what happened during the night, but some “wizardry” kicked in, and got the automation to work.

Thanks @Rdoull for pointing me out in the right direction with your thread.

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