Turn on/off pioneer AVR

Hey guys,

I’m using the pioneer integration (Link) for my VSX-930. To control the volume etc. works well and also the state in the Home Assistant is updated well.
What not works is the turn on/off function. I’m not able to turn the device on or off with the developer tools or an automation. It works only with the UI with the default tile, which is created in the default lovelace dashboard.
When I’m using the service “switch.turn_on”, the device doesn’t appear in the list, same for the service “media_player.turn_on”. I’m also not able to use the YAML editor, because the pioneer AVR doesn’t have a unique ID (Link). So I’m not able to fill the data, needed for the service in YAML editor, because it want’s an entity_id from me.

I’m just confused that it works with the default UI…

Do you know any other solutions, which I could try to turn on/off that device?

The developer tool shows:

This switch is working well to turn the device on and off:
2021-10-22 11_44_56-Window

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Sometimes there are other entities for the same device and its them that have the missing abilities.
Try to search only for Pioneer in the entitiies list to see if other pop up.
And make sure you are not filtering anything out.

this works for me with VSX-922:

- service: media_player.turn_on
    entity_id: media_player.pioneer_avr

There are no other entities for the Pioneer, one single entity is present.

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Sometimes there is a setting on the device too that needs to be configured for it to work, like no standby or keep network on.

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Unfortunately the pioneer integration only brings one entity. So there is no other pioneer entry in the list.

This works! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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