Turn on Tuya light that has white main bulb and colour accent ring

I have this light in all the hallways in my town house:
Smart LED Ceiling Lights, 35W 2400LM 78 led Bedroom Ceiling Light, App or Voice Control White Warm Color Ambiance RGB 2700K-6500K Compatible with Alexa & Google Home Smart Kitchen Lights [WiFi] : Amazon.co.uk: Lighting

When I add it to a automation for a motion sensor to turn it on it will only turn on the coloured accent ring, not the main bulb also. How do I make this work? I have a feeling I need to add something to the automation yaml but I’m pretty new to HA and haven’t got my head around the yaml yet.

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@Mike_Goff I have the same problem with a Tuya device “NICE Smart Ceiling”

I suspect that these devices should actually report two lighting entities, one WW for the main light (WW) and one RGB for the backlight.

Within the Tuya app, you can switch between which light is enabled, and have accurate control of the colour and the temperature within each light source separately. Within HA I have a single control which tries to merge everything into one.

I’ve yet to find a solution to this. Did you have any luck?

A little digging in the Tuya IOT gives some detail on how this works in tuya, and potentially why it doesn’t work too well in HA:
In Tuya, there is a work_mode property which among other things determines which light is operational: image

So this particular light entity isn’t simply “on” or “off”. I’ll keep digging around, i’m sure something probably already exists in HACS somewhere.

I’m having issues with the same light, any luck? For me, color adjusts the accent light and color temperature adjusts the main light, but the brightness is shared between the two. Much better than the behavior Mike was seeing, but not being able to turn on the accent light without the main light is not ideal.
Edit: I can’t control the color of the accent light in HA anymore. Can still do it in the Smart Life app.

DId you figure anything out to control the two light independently? I’m able to use the Color tab on More Info to set the backlight (turns off the main light) and the Temperature tab to set the main light (turns off the backlight) but I’ve not been able to set both on together…

So who has come up with a solution for these Tuya dual lights?