Turn switch into input Boolean?

Should be incredibly simple but I can’t figure out how to make a switch into an input Boolean.

I’ve already got a switch that sends an IR code from my broadlink IR Blaster to turn my fireplace on or off. How do I make it an input Boolean? I couldn’t understand how to do it from the input Boolean docs

I think you’re a bit lost in the lingo tbh.

If you already have a switch, and input boolean is redundant surely? Do you mean you want a toggle switch instead of the lightning symbols?

If so, then you need to be able to read the state of the device, otherwise the toggle will get out of sync with the device. Hence why you have the lightning symbols instead.

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If you mean the frontend look like the input_boolean instead of two button of on-off. You just need to put the

assumed_state: false
in the customize.yaml

      friendly_name: Kitchen kettle
      icon: mdi:kettle
      assumed_state: false  <== this will change from on/off button to look like input_boolean
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Thank you! Yeah I’m still pretty new. I read a comment about a guy that turned his lightning bolt into a toggle. It should be fine if I only toggle it in the app, but I wouldn’t be able to get a state.

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Thank you!

If your switch is a rf switch not the wifi switch. you will not get the real state whether it is on or off if you turn them on manually from the physical switch and also if you restart HA.
The assumed_state cannot works with rf switch to get the real state. This works with only wifi switch. This only to change the style of turn on-off at the frontend.