Turn TV on/off via Cast HDMI-CEC

As was mentioned in

Google Assistant is now able to turn on and off HDMI-CEC capable TVs via Chromecast. It would be great if Home Assistant was able to do the same.

Is it already possible in anyway?

If it is, it isn’t currently implemented. Telling Google Assistant to turn on or off the TV that is connected to the Chromecast works if the TV supports CEC, but attempting the same in Home Assistant just brings up a screen on the TV that has the Home Assistant logo and a blue background.


I would love if this feature could be implemented. I would be awesome to have a scene that would stop what is playing, turn off the TV and turn all the lights out and such when we are done for he night.

Reviving an old post…would like to be able to control the CEC function on Chromecast via HA as well…

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Would indeed be great.


Bueller? Bueller?

Following, as I am waiting for the same option to be implemented.

Would be nice if this could be implemented

I’d be interested in such a function as well

Simple but very useful feature !

As far as I know, Google did not expose any API endpoints to call such a function so HASS will have to wait for that or find a workaround sadly :frowning:
See here for details :


Is anyone wanting to try to figure this out?


I also think it would be great to control CEC via HA

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This would be great! This way it can be part of my turn everything off script :smiley:

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+1 Waiting on this.

If someone can produce a guide with

as a workaround, that’d be awesome too!


Bear in mind that Apipa169/Assistant-Relay-for-Hassio is not maintained anymore though… /shrug :confused:

I actually thought this was possible. So bought a Google TV instead of Apple tv, to save money.

Apple TV can do this with HA, so hoping this will be possible very soon.