Turning "action entity" from BLE lock to display as "binary sensor"

Hi HA community, pardon my question here for my limited knowledge in HA.

Im in the process of intergrating most of my smarthome product into HomeKit via HA Homebridge. And i stumble upon getting my smartdoor lock to be exposed in HomeKit.

So far, i have managed to connect the BLE smartdoor lock to the xiaomi gateway 3 and the managed to receive triggers on the HA. (https://github.com/AlexxIT/XiaomiGateway3#handle-ble-locks).

But the triggers are not being exposed in Homekit. So my plan was to “convert” those triggers into a on/off state sensors that is recognizable by the Homekit.

Any pointers?

hi @sykiat89 any news? I also have an issue, can you share the details you did?