Turning on a smart plug with light switch

So I’ve got some lights plugged into a smart plug. Right now the only way to turn them on/off is through the home assistant app which I don’t like. I could get a some sort of z-wave or zigbee remote, but I used to have one and it was unreliable, and the battery would die right when I needed it.

So I’m thinking what about repurposing a smart light switch. Is there a way to make an automation trigger when double-clicking the light? Or maybe trigger when the state is already on and the button is pressed on again?

The light switch I have installed now is a zwave ge/jasco that I got about 10 years ago. I’m not opposed to get a new one if there is a switch that would suit my needs.

Or if there isn’t a good way to do what I’m asking, any suggestions on a reliable zwave/zigbee remote?

I would be surprised if a 10 year old switch supported reporting double taps, but you should check the manual if you can and see. If not there are plenty out there that do, like Inovelli (my favorite), Zooz I think also supports it. You can do it, but the device supporting double taps is the lynchpin.

As for remotes, a lot of them are pretty good. I like Wallmotes by Aeotec, they are pretty good and you can do a lot with a single device, I’ve also gotten RemoteTec and those work fine too.

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