Tutorials: How to develop a custom card and ship HACS repositories?

Hello all,

cards are the core feature of the HA frontend. It is surprisingly hard, to get started with the development of a custom card. The official documentation is sparse. A boilerplate card on GitHub is somewhat outdated and the project is quite inactive. Seemingly there is no vivid community of card developers on discord, too. Really, I am surprised taking into account that Home Assistant is one of the big players in home automation. Tickets addressing the gaps in the documentation on GitHub get half-hearted closed without getting an improvement.

Now, it doesn’t help to complain. Make it better! So I started a series of tutorials addressing card development. So far it does cover what I find in the official documentation with more text and images.

In one of the next steps will be to show how you can ship the cards as HACS repositories. That’s one reason I decided to bundle each tutorial as a GitHub repository.

I now published the first three of the tutorials: Home Assistant Tutorials · GitHub

For sure people can only make use of them, if they know about. Leave some stars. Tell about.

If you like to provide tutorials in the same format, please join the club. It is set up as an organisation on Github.