Tuya 2 Gang Switch

I am using a Tuya 2 Gang Switch in my lounge to control 2 sets of lights. On the Android Tuya ap it correctly identifies the voltage as 230V, however in both the Tuya IoT Platform and also in Home Assistant it is showing 2300V and hence all power readings are also incorrect.
I feel this should be able to be corrected in some custom code somewhere with a scaling factor of 0.10 but are too much of a newby to know where exactly I should do this.
Any help appreciated

You can create an issue under github repository as tuya is part of core. Sign in to GitHub ยท GitHub

By the way, Volt should not be used for power calculation rather it should be watt sensor, can you check it?

Because the Voltage reading is incorrect, the Power in Watts ( P= V x I) is also out by a factor of 10

I know the relation between these two, but maybe watt reading might be correct as they are exposed as different sensors. Did you check it?

Yes I did check and watt reading was also out by the same factor of 10. That is why I assume the incorrect voltage reading is used in the wattage calculation