Tuya 3 button wireless switch zigbee TS0043

Apparently many different looks for the device. I got it set up with Zigbee2MQTT
It has a blueprint Zigbee2MQTT - Loratap SS600ZB / Tuya TS0043 3-button wireless switch - #2 by Subzero

But it often seems to break. In Z2M it says Battery 91% (grey) but the device is flashing.

It seems to go thru btton batteries faster than any other zigbee device. What might be wrong? We press it maybe 2 times a day on average. It’s lasting maybe 2-3mth.

I have one of these. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004248050569.html
and since the above, I’ve tried to press it less. Instead I use voice or the app to turn on my lights.

The last 2032 battery lasted from Dec to now. But it’s been clicked once a week at most. Last night, it blinked low battery and died today.

I’m surprised it still runs out, it must be comunicating with the hub (room light switch) all the time for no reason at all. Is this how other buttons work too? Or is sth else wrong?

z2m never seems to show the real battery left on devies.