Tuya account linking question

I’ve recently been round the loop as my Tuya device in HA stopped working due to my IoT platform service expiring. A post here helped me out with that.
The interesting thing is that I have two devices showing attached to my IOT project - a fused spur switch and an LED light strip. One was added via the Tuya Smart app and the other through the Smart Life app. Two accounts linked, one for each.
When configuring the Tuya integration you specify one account, so I’m only getting one of the devices showing into HA and by changing the credentials, reloading etc I can see the other device.

The obvious answer is that I should start again with one of the devices and manage it through the same app as the other, i.e. delete the LED strip from Smart Life and add it to Tuya Smart but that would mean giving control of both devices in the app to my daughter who has the LED strip in her room. For now this isn’t too much of an issue but as I add other devices is there some way to control access? Has anyone been round this logic loop?