Tuya and multiple HA instances

I have two Home Assistant instances - my main one and a “development” instance where I test things out (new HACS integrations, HA upgrades, etc.) to make sure the work before applying them to my main instance. I have all of my devices connected to both instances and they all work fine, except for tuya.

Before HA 2024.2, when the tuya integration mechanism changed, both instances would connect and the tuya devices would work in both for a while, but then one or other would “freeze” and the tuya device states would just not update. I’d have to disable/enable the tuya integration to get them working again. This was never a big deal when it was the dev instance that froze, but obviously undesirable when the main instance froze. Normally I ran the dev instance with tuya disabled to avoid this. Again - all other integrations are happy being connected to both instances.

When 2024.2 came along, as usual I upgraded my dev instance first, re-authenticated tuya the new way and everything was fine, so I upgraded the main instance, went through the tuya re-authentication process and it wouldn’t. I just got stuck and the point where it presented the QR code to scan in the smartlife app. The QR code never appeared. There was no way I could find to get past this point, except for disabling the tuya integration in my dev instance and restarting it to make sure tuya knew it was gone (or maybe I just had to wait a while - not sure). Then my main HA instance could connect and everything there has been fine since. I have not tried reconnected my dev instance.

Does anyone else run two HA instances and have this difficulty with tuya, or run two instances and not have this problem? I’d really like to be able to have my tuya integration working in both if at all possible. Any ideas?


This. But I have to say, I only have one Tuya device (a downlight with a realtek chip that could not be flashed)

If there is the restricted ability to only run one HA instance from a single online account, that would be a Tuya thing to change. They provided the whole QR code app stuff and the connection to HA, and Nabu-Casa filled in the details on the core side.

If you want more than one HA instance to talk to the Tuya account, you might have to start with a request to Tuya.

That said you might be able to make one of your HA instances talk to your devices via Tuya local, that is still a thing.

I get that this could be caused by a tuya restriction. But on the other hand, the smartlife app on my phone is always connected to the same account, and occasionally I’ve had multiple phones running the smartlife app at the same time, and it doesn’t cause a problem, so could it be because there are specifically multiple HA connections?

I’m just looking for more data, really. Has anyone else tried this, and if so has it worked for them or not?

Maybe I’m the only one that does this? In which case I guess I’ll just have to live with it.