Tuya and Point status

Hi All
New to HA and on a steep leaning curve
I have used the Tuya intergration by entering the below into the configuration.yaml file

  username: xxxxx
  password: xxxxx
  country_code: +61
  platform: tuya

I am displaying the GMA-504473-EA wifi light switch
The operation (turning the lights on and off works) but I notice the switch in HA seem to toggle back once switched. i.e. I turn it on and 5 seconds later the switch indicates off in HA but the light is on. To turn it off i have to turn the switch in HA on and then quickly off.

I am trying to complete some automation’s based on the status of the light and it is not working assuming because of this.
Any ideas on how to actually display a status of the light would be great.

I’ve noticed the same behavior starting about 2 weeks ago. Spent much time trying to figure out what the problem is without success. All my other switches work normally just the Tuya have this problem.

This is due to Tuya have updating their API, The TuyaHa component that HA uses for tuya integration needs to be updated by its developer to work with it