Tuya based cameras

I just bought a Tuya based camera. I had no problem joining it to the Tuya Smart app. However, HA doesn’t seem to see it as it does my other Tuya devices. I’d be glad to provide data/feedback or participate in testing if I could help in any way. By the way, I have about 15 other Tuya devices deployed successfully and pulled into HA.

It would be great if they will be integrated in tuya platform.
As far as I can see, tuya released also camera java sdk for cams , maybe p2p keys can be used in HA too.

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+1 for the Tuya compatible Camera component

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+1 this would be amazing!

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Will it be supported?

I also have a Tuya cam but I could not integrate it into HA.


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Just saw this post, I’m trying with a bunch of people here: https://github.com/AMoo-Miki/homebridge-tuya-lan/issues/4

Seems that they made some good progress and there is a hack now for some devices.

Camera support will probably be added in 2021.11 release. See Github

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