Tuya black round knob: Zigbee2MQTT - ERS-10TZBVK-AA | ZHA TS004F by _TZ3000_4fjiwweb

I have 2 of those knobs that are found by Zigbee2MQTT as ERS-10TZBVK-AA and I need Blueprint for them.

I have tried to add them to ZHA and there they show as TS004F by _TZ3000_4fjiwweb

TuYa ERS-10TZBVK-AA control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT - I fund this page but no working blueprint that can do all 7 actions (single press, double press, press hold, rotate left, rotate right, press rotate left, press rotate right)

If there are no blueprints, just write automations. Blueprints are not necessary to automation, just useful.

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I can automate the clicks (single, double, click hold) but I am not sure how to automate the turning left/right of the knob? Is there any YouTube tutorial I can watch for it?

Go to settings|devices and services|mqtt then find the device for the knob.

On that page there is a panel for automations. Click (+). Where it says “Do something when…” you have all your options.

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