Tuya Bluetooth Soil Humidity Sensor is updating only when i open tuya (smart life) app

I have a Tuya Smart Bluetooth Soil Moisture Temperature Humidity Sensor that works good and connected to my ha system, the only problem is that it is changing its measures only when i open the smart life app on my phone, otherwise the measures stays as they were from the last time I opened the app.
I tried using localtuya but this specific soil sensor is not supported.

any one got an idea how to force update the measuers?

Thank you

Have your phone close by the sensor and make sure the app is allowed to update in the background.

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Thanks Wally, I’ll try.
I am using a bluetooth hub so I figured the hub should transmit the data, not my phone…

Just updating that your advice was working perfectly Wally. Thank you.

If you are using a hub, then yes that should transmit the data.
It sounds like it does not and your phone is used instead.

Can the Tuya BT sensors talk directly to HA without the hub? It would be great if they were supported by the BLE integration for example? Has anyone tried? I’m in the process of evaluating soil sensors for my garden plot and this would be a nice alternative to the Mi Floras.

If it is BLE then maybe the protocol can be decoded.
If it normal BT then it is harder.

How did you manage to pair it to HA in the first place? I can’t get it to work. It’s not showing up in my HA config.