Tuya broke after update

I updated to core-2021.10.2 Home Assistant OS.
After doing do, I Uninstalled my working Tuya integration from HACS.
After installing the native version, it seems my Tuya devices turn on with my Lovelace card but they don’t register the state even though I have selected show state and color icons based on state.
When the device is on, To turn it off, , I must turn it on in Lovelace and then turn it off…
Odd behavior

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Hi, Did you get anywhere with this? I am seeing the same issue, followed the steps but haven’t been able to identify the issue.

If you can control your devices, but states or not being properly reported, there is chance you didn’t properly authorize the “Device Status Notification” API.

You can still check (and add) this now though. Go to you Tuya developer account, click on “Cloud → Development → your HA project” and check the service API. Make sure you have the Device Status Notification authorized.

I have this API authorised:

The Tuya Debug logs show this is updating as expected:

I can get the state showing, but the color of the bulbs is displayed incorrectly. I have one that was green when I updated the Tuya integration to the new one, and now it alwats shows as green.
I have the status API working.

Thanks all… My issue was i never authorized the Device Status Notification API. Once added, everything works great!

I can’t get this new integration working at all.

I’m pretty sure I have followed everything properly. I get the device/entity available in HA but trying to switch the lightstrip on or off does nothing. Or rather the switch toggles and then reverts to whatever the current state of the device is.

That’s the strange thing - the state of the HA entity mirrors the state of the device but HA cannot switch it!

I’ve also just received an email from Tuya that seems to indicate that I need to pay for a subscription service? I thought it was supposed to be free.

I think I’ll just ditch the integration and use the app t control the only tuya device I currently have. Unless someone can help me out?

got the same problem after 2021.8.2 to 2021.11.2 update
device status notification api is authorized, i’ve reauthorized it just to be sure
what could be an issue here?