Tuya Ceiling light configuration

Wanted to add this here in case someone is struggling with configuring a similar device for Tuya Local.

I got the device from Amazon and it actually has two LED sources:

  • Main: white temperature/brightness
  • Outside: color/brightness

Installation is really easy and, as usual, it works directly with Tuya app (beside Smart Life). Once configured you can go to your Local Tuya integration and configure it as below:

It doesn’t seem to allow setting both sources on at the same time, but when color is white you can set the light Temperature and the main source will turn on. For other color the main turns off and outside Led ring will light up.

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So I have similar Tuya ceiling lights and cannot get home assistant to turn the color on. I tried customizing the light entity but can’t seem to get it to turn the RGB LEDs on through home assistant. The tuya app works as you described, bright white leds or the rgb led ring. I’m using the Tuya cloud integration, not the local one. Would I have more available features using the Local Tuya integration in HACS?

Hey @mattheuw1, I have to say that I went straight for the local integration as I had already other devices configured like that. I would have expected the standard one to expose similar functionality, but this ceiling is a bit special - outside Tuya app you can’t turn both lights on :confused:
If it’s not complicated to switch to local Tuya you can then try it with the config above.