Tuya Climate not working anymore

Hello Community,

My Tuya Integration not working anymore. Didnt changed anything. I tried to restart my Home-Assistant 100 times. 2 times worked so thats very interesting. I tried to use Tuya and Smartlife type of connection too. The Entity is loaded called “climate.abcd1234xy”. It is unreachable. The WiFi is working on it.

I can easily use it trough the official applications like Tuya and SmartLife.

I tried already update the integration from HACS. After I recovered the old one what was working earlier.

I tried restart everything and freshly add it.

I tried every type of connection to add it what is available in the integration setting.

Thank you for the ideas.

After deleting the thermostat from TUYA app and reseted the device and started WIFI connection mode I added back to TUYA. After deleting integration restarting home assistant, I tried to reconnect integration. Now its working correctly.