Tuya cloud config doesnt work help plz

i am using the tuya cloud configuration with no local id or device id. all i have is username,password, country code and platform. i tried using the sevice “pull devices” but nothing happens. do you have to add anything to get it to work. any help appreciated. all i need to know is how to get my two tuya plugs workings


Did you have platform with your tuya config?
This was mine, flashed to tasmota last week.
Make sure you have the right app name for the platform.

# tuya:
  # username: !secret tuya_username
  # password: !secret tuya_password
  # country_code: 1
  # platform: smart_life

i have the same thing as you tho it not working.

Sorry to hear that.
Maybe try delete the device(s) in the Smart Life app and resync?

how do you resync in smart life and ha

I meant to say after delete the device from the app, do the device setup again in the app.

Having the same problem… mine are in the smartlife app but not showing up in HA.