Tuya Cloud - Devices Suddenly missing

Just a heads up that all of a sudden my Lenovo Tuya based smart plugs I was using via the Tuya cloud based integration via the dev portal setup have now gone missing from the integration and can only be used via the Tuya Smart app.

This is now the final push I needed to order in zigbee based smart plugs sooner and just replace them all that I currently have left to replace.

I"m not using a beta branch though.

Yeah that was not a relevant post look at the first post in that issue.

Sorry, didn’t mean to link to frenck’s post for you. If you scroll to the first post, there’s a probable solution.

This one?

Yes. Note this:

EDIT: Please first try to only “Unlink your Tuya App Account and add it again after unlinking” (last step 5 here) and only if it doesn’t work go through the whole process

Done all that but the issue is that I don’t have any options to change from read to grant all permissions to the devices, it’s only ever listed as read in manage devices on the IoT portal atm.

I have removed and readded the integration in HA as well without success, I’m just going to wait for my replacement zigbee plugs to arrive and migrate over and put these aside for non primary use when they work again through the integration.

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Just out of testing I have also just tried this step:

Will see if that actually does anything at all in regards to this company and using its products in HA.

Update: had to go through the approval process to extend the trial of the portal usage for another 6 months then after reloading they showed up again.

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I use another solution, install SmartThings, link tuya with it, then link SmartThings with Hassio, dont need to refresh any token then.

I’m just waiting for my zigbee smart plugs to arrive and will no longer be actively using those tuya ones, plus side I also get power monitoring though them which the current lenovo tyua ones don’t have.

Yup, extending the trial period on Tuya IoT site six months was the fix for me as well.