Tuya Cloud Map Extractor

Hey guys!

I recently created an integration for downloading a vacuum map from tuya vacuums, called Tuya Cloud Map Extractor.

Please feel free to try it out! The thing is, it doesn’t seem like all vacuums use the same data format. Even though all use tuya. So if you have a tuya vacuum, i would really appreciate it if you would try the integration, and if it doesn’t work, create an issue on github with the data from the logs, so i can work on making even more vacuums work.

Thank you!


As I recently bought a Bluebot Xtreme (Blaupunkt) and this is also working with the Smart Life app, I try to add it with this Integration.

When I login to the IoT Platform I do see the Bluebot with an Device ID under “Cloud → Development → Devices” (also some smart sockets are in there). Under Authorization is the Cloud ID, Cloud Secret located.

I’m trying to add the Integration with the information gathered above, but when clicking next in the Flow it tells me the Invalid Device ID, Device ID AND server locations should be c hecked. The Project is located in Western Europe and this is also the region selected in Home Assistant, the Device ID is from the Devices tab.

What could be the issue in this? Or how can i better troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you, I am trying with my Neatsvor x600, but although I have entered Sweeping Robot Open Service it keeps coming up with unknown error. Cosa posso fare?

This has been working well, but all of a sudden has stopped getting the maps, anyone else noticed?

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Hi Oven-Lab!!!

I tryied to connect my vacuum robot with Tuya Cloud Map Extractor and I didn’t have success. My vacuum robot is Kabum smart 700, a rebrand of liectroux xr500. I get this error in below:

File “/config/custom_components/tuya_cloud_map_extractor/tuya_vacuum_map_extractor/tuya.py”, line 68, in get_download_link
raise RuntimeError("Request failed - Response: ", response)
RuntimeError: ('Request failed - Response: ', {‘code’: XXXXXXXX, ‘msg’: ‘No permissions. Your subscription to cloud development plan has expired.’, ‘success’: False, ‘t’: XXXXXXXXXXXX, ‘tid’: ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’})

Could you please handle this error so that the message appears on the screen stating that the subscription has expired?

Does this integration also works with the new Tuya Home Assistant Integration and is the process to get the map still the same?

I can confirm that this integration is working with AIRROBO T10+

Is there an actual manual on how to use the data? Create areas etc… ?

Does it work with a same config parameters as GitHub - PiotrMachowski/Home-Assistant-custom-components-Xiaomi-Cloud-Map-Extractor: This custom integration provides a way to present a live view of a map for Xiaomi (Roborock/Viomi/Roidmi/Dreame) vacuums without a need for rooting.


Hi there,

I’m relatively new to HA but okay with coding and programming - I’ve managed to set up and use the Xiaomi map extractor but not this one.

I’ve followed all the instructions on creating my Tuya cloud account, and the vacuum is set up and working in the Tuya integration.

When trying to set up the tuya map extractor I cannot get past the “Unknown” error. I’ve removed my credentials for the screen shot.

What isn’t clear is how to create the necessary entity in the config file - if this works exactly like the Xiaomi map extractor? And what the entity name should be, or whether this should refer to a known entity in your HA?

I’m using a Taroma Vac - which is apparently the Liectroux xr-500 if you look at the Tuya documentation.

[EDIT - After some tinkering I figured out that it seems to be an unsupported data format on my side. So the calls to the server and API all work great, but the response is not currently recognized fully.]