Tuya Component Fan Speed Control in HA

I was able to add Tuya fan controller to HA using Tuya fan component.
Now I see only an ON/OFF switch & NOT the Speed control settings.
Below is the Snapshot of the fan UI


Please help me on how to get the Speed control for Tuya fan?

I tried calling the Speed from services tab but nothing happens.

Please help

Thanks in advance.

Might come up as a stupid question, but can you see the various fan speeds within the Tuya app?
If you can’t see it in Tuya, you probably won’t see it in HA…

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Yes I see Speed Control in Tuya App & able to control in the app.
On App it works as well.
Below is the snapshot of the app

You may have to raise a bug in that case as it appears the integration is missing something

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The speed is now appearing in HA. But can anyone help me creating a template that changes the speed by running a script again and again?