Tuya convert OS

Hey I was doing a little random Googling on Tuya convert and found that a person had developed a image for the Pi (many diffrent versions) that uses a Web based GUI to perform the conversion action, it looks much easier than the current method (for less experienced linux users).

Has anyone tried it or checked it out? Thoughts on it?
This is the Git hub page for it. https://github.com/qtoggle/tuya-convert-os

Screen shots here https://github.com/qtoggle/tuya-convert-os/wiki/Screenshots

I did try, few times, with two smart plugs. Unfortunatelly with no success.
I can not went through “Converting” (connecting) process.
Pity as it looks promising.

That stinks, just as I was getting ready to try when the virus started running rampant and all of my free time rapidly disappeared. With luck I will be able to try it out myself in a week or two when this becomes the new normal and I can slow down.