Tuya Convert vs Tuya Local Integration


I have a few tuya devices which I’d like to control locally.
Tuya convert flashing method jus goes over my head haha. I don’t feel confident doing that.
So I recently came across tuya local integration. So my question is what is the difference between the two? Can you briefly compare the 2 methods. (is tuya local really local?)

Secondly is there some beginner friendly guide to following any of the 2 methods?


Tuya convert allows you to load other firmware to the device, that is… if the device accepts that…depending on the chip. With a converted tuyda device you can do so much more without any dependency on tuya. Tuya local is still using tuya but you have local control which is (feedback seeing) still depending that they connect to tuya… for me the naming is slightly wrong.
Tuya and offspring devices are changing their chips so tuya-covert seems less and less feasible
There is plenty to read on it…just search via the web
Edit: my personal opinion…steer away from Tuya unless you donot mind external stuff

Thanks for the reply

Zigbee devices can be integrated with HA via mqtt. So thats fine. But when it comes to wifi devices, more and more rely on either tuya or google home/alexa. So is there a list of wifi devices which can be integrated to HA (just like mqtt has a list)
Also, is there anyway devices connected to alexa can be integrated into HA?

… Or directly via ZHA
I have not yet seen a list alike zigbee2mqtt for wifi stuff, these are often individual integrations alike tuya … and you also see that there are plenty of HACS integrations for those that have no HAcore setup. When you buy something you will have to check brand/integration of via the brand/integration
On Alexa there is a lot of comms on this forum so check there please, I donot use the amazon stuff

Got it.