Tuya Curtain Motors for Rods

Looking to purchase a set of these Tuya WiFi Smart Curtain Motor Remote Controller Electric Curtain Motors Voice Control APP Control for U Track/I Track/Roman Rod|Automatic Curtain Control System| - AliExpress
And I think all of these seem to work with bluetooth instead of wifi so was wondering if they can be connected to HA either with the tuya hub or I have seen on the forums (Switchbot not tuya) that maybe an ESP32 with esphome on it can be used to talk to them.

Is that something that can be done with these tuya motors also?

I own two motors as same as the first item option in your provided link, which is a RF-based motor. The black usb dongle is a converter (I think it’s Wifi to RF), which allows you control over Tuya app. I gave up using Tuya integration as the official integration doesn’t support this device, and LocalTuya can find it on my network but can’t control it.
As I know so far, there isn’t any integration on HA that supports the bluetooth model. I would avoid this if I were you. I guess Switchbot is the only option (at least there is 3rd party integration).
If you are like me who is price-sensitive, then the RF one is a reluctant but working solution.

As I understand they are all bluetooth (probably for battery life as they are not wired in) and if you get the Tuya hub then you can connect them to the hub instead of a phone and then HA should be able to see them right?