Tuya Curtain Robots and Bluetooth Gateway

I am one of the many people that have opted to purchase the cheaper Tuya Bluetooth Curtain Robot, as opposed to the Switchbot Curtain Robot.

I do have a Switchbot that is working in HA via ESPHome.

I purchased a Bluetooth Smart Gateway to attempt to add these Tuya robots to HA. However, although the gateway and the robots are listed in Tuya devices, nothing has changed with the robots in HA. They were greyed out before and still are - open/close/pause are all greyed out and unselectable.

The robots are added to the Gateway in the Tuya app and I am using the Tuya integration in HA. Is there anything I need to do in HA to reflect these are controlled by the gateway?

Tuya Curtains Automatic Curtain Opener Closer Robot Wireless Smart Curtain Motor Timer Function Smart Home Automation Device

Tuya Smart Wireless Gateway Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Bluetooth-compatible Gateway System Tuya/smart Life APP Remote Control

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