Tuya curtain (shutter) calibration problem

Hi all,

I have Loratap zigbee curtain switch that work perfect after calibration over Tuya app.
When I integrated the curtain switch with home assistant the calibration settings go wrong and the fully open status is only 1\10 from regular fully open.
There is some way to fix the calibration from HA?

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What Zigbee stack do you use ? ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT or deconz ?

I’m using ZHA.

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Exact same question for me.
Sharonoren1, did you manage to find an answer elsewhere?

Have a nice day, all the readers

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Unfortunately I didn’t find any solution :confused:.


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Check out if the curtain is connected and placed in a group (for example the lights group) this will disable the correct working of the curtain shutter.


Hi Peter,

The curtain isn’t under of any group.
It’s can cause because I disconnected the hub? I’m working with RPI with zigbee CC2531.


I just create a feature request, so, please go to vote for it :wink:

I have the problem that I don’t have the cluster- attribute F001 in my selection
so i’ve written a script, but unfortunately this doesn’t work
can you help me?

WindowCovering (Endpoint id: 1, Id: 0x0102, Type: in)

alias: xxx

  • service: zha.set_zigbee_cluster_attribute
    ieee: “04:cd:15:ff:fe:06:69:66”
    endpoint_id: 1
    cluster_id: 258
    attribute: 61441
    cluster_type: “in”
    value: 0

is this getting a solution? :slight_smile:

You go into the cluster editor and set the calibration time. Calibration time is travel time in seconds multiplied by 10.

Hi jms3000,

What is the cluster editor?
How can I set the calibration time?

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In my case i use it with a rolller shutter, with 2 switchs ( up/down ), but it works like a pushbutton, can I change this mode? I can see calibration attributes but nothing ralated to this.

Hi All,

After hours of research I found it! If you purchase zigbee shutter / curtain controller and want to set how far it should go, reset where is ZERO position and 100% you can do it very easily with HomeAssistant.

  1. Go To Settings > Devices And Services
  2. Click devices on Zigbee tile
  3. Enter into your shutter devices
  4. In details view press 3 dots and select “Manage Clusters”
  5. In first field you select TuyaCoveringCluster
  6. In next one i.e. calibration_time and press Get Zigbee Attribute
    Here you get current value of time the shutter moves
    Now you just need to set expected value and press “Set Zigbee Attribute”
    Once saved your shutter will start moving as long as you wish! :slight_smile: Its Amazing! We love our shutters now!

The other options worth interest are current_position_lift_percentage where you set when the shutter is on 0 and 100%. If its not closed enough overwrite this attribute with value like 20% and move slider again and repeat until shutter is on top.

Also interesting might be motor_reversal to reverse the movement direction.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Hi Przemek,

I tried to do it step by step but in step #6, when I try to Get Zigbee Attribute, I can’t get any information. The value stay empty. Do you have an advice for me?

Kind thanks,

I reconfigured it and now everything working great
Thanks you for publishing the solution…

Thank you, this was the solution!

in my configuration is no TuyaCoveringCluster but WindowsCovering. But there is no calibration_time!
What did I wrong?![
Reconfigure the device didn’t help.

Thanks Holger