Tuya Custom Components ! Does not work! Temps show double value & only whole numbers

I have a new HASS Pi system (core 109.2) and I use Smart life (Tuya) devices. I am able to set up the integration in the configuration.yaml file. The thermostats display current tempx2 (instead of 25degC they have 50DegC).
I did the GitHub solution to create "custom_components/tuya…folder and add all the files in the photo. See link: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/tree/dev/homeassistant/components/tuya
The problem is HASS starts with the error

shown “invalid config” and cannot set up platforms and integration.

What to do from here? Please help anyone.

Note: if I remove the manifest.json file…the integrations work BUT then I still have the same double temp & whole numbers problem…

You have the solution here