Tuya custom integration stopped working

Hello, since one day ago, the tuya custom integration does not work and in the log there is error

File "/config/custom_components/tuya_custom/config_flow.py", line 260, in async_step_init
    if self.config_entry.state != config_entries.ENTRY_STATE_LOADED:
AttributeError: module 'homeassistant.config_entries' has no attribute 'ENTRY_STATE_LOADED'

Any fix?

HA reboot fixed it, but I hate restarting HA server, it looses cached states.

Yesterday, tuya integration and tuya v2 integration stopped working. Reason : tuya cloud did not work.

Still seems to be issues with Tuya cloud. I can’t connect to my devices from HA, nor from a home made app that has been working for a year (which also uses the homeassistant API).
I presume it’s related to the outage yesterday - worst case is that they changed the HA API :frowning:

Try power-cycling the devices. Turn off power and let them sit for a few seconds for the capacitors to discharge. Mine were acting like yours and a power-cycle fixed all of them. I suspect they stopped trying to connect sometime during the Tuya outage.