Tuya developer account no longer showing devices and stopped working in HA

Is anyone else having an issue with Tuya. It was working great until yesterday afternoon (US East coast). So I logged into my Tuya developer account and none of my devices were showing up. So I tried to link them again and it said my account was linked to 2 projects and I need to Unlink the account from existing projects. I was able to find unlink on my phone and did that now 12 hours ago. I have no idea how else I would unlink it.
Has anyone else run into this?
Can I use my Wife’s phone to get everything back?
Do I need to forget all my devices and start over?
Is there a better app to use instead of Tuya / Smart Life?

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Thank you I’m gonna try that. Unfortunately my account isn’t even listed so I can’t unlink it though the website.

I ended up having to extended my IOT core trial, which can be done from the cloud services view of the IOT site for tuya.

It stopped working RIGHT at 30 days :slight_smile:

see another user that did the same. You can request 6 month extension.

I ended up having to Find away around it because they never got back to me. I used an android vm program and found a way to get the information for local tuya. Everything but my motion sensor works.

This happened to me in the last day. I can’t see that this revalidation is ever gonna be a good thing, and looking at the tuya app, I think for me, I’ll see if I can use Alexa integration or Google home to control tuya for now. This is yet another reason why I’m trying to get away from tuya.
My other issue is that my HVAC integration is exclusively through tuya…