TUYA device have no entity

Hello, as some of you already knows, I’m novice and just start to play for 1 week now with HA. I understood from one of my post that to use the energy board I need a power meter. So I Bought one ( here in Thailand it is very difficult to find). it is a Tuya Power Clamp. I followed all the process to add it ( open account on Tuya IOT site, etc…). then I finally have all my Tuya devices added in HA. Good! But the issue is that about the power clamp it is listed but in Configuration/device/copntrol : this device have no entity… can you please help me? thank you so much :slight_smile:

same situation here. Maybe Tuya doesn’t support HA any longer???

Hi, well it is working, I will send you the different steps I used to get it worked:-) no need to buy a new set of power clamp , this one work fine :slight_smile:

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I got it working using LocalTuya. Thx.


Hi I have same issue here. Can you share the step how you get it done.

I have added it with local tuya but only get 1 entity but it like random number. No meaning at all.

I attached my device, is this same as yours?

Thank you in advance.


Have you got it to work?

I have same issue with tuya, (Smart lock cylinder) this device has no entities, and it says unsupported
is there a workaround please?