Tuya device is not able to update its state in either Tuya or LocalTuya integrations

I recently installed this Zemismart curtain motor / rail system and have integrated it in to HA with both the LocalTuya and Tuya integrations (I would prefer LocalTuya, but Tuya seems to be working better for now).

It seems that the corresponding Home Assistant cover entities are unable to read current state information that is sent out by the curtain motor when the position changes. This results in the HA cover entity’s state being out of sync with the physical curtains in certain circumstances. This demonstrates the issue:

  1. Curtains are open (in HA this device’s slider maps “100%” to fully open)
  2. Send a command to close to 50% through the Tuya integration. The curtain closes as expected.
  3. Now manually command the curtains to open by tugging on them. So now the curtains are completely open, but the Home Assistant Tuya integration does not receive the updated curtain position / state.

Through the iot.tuya.com device debug interface I can see the “Current Curtain Position” status message that the curtain sends out after the manual change:

The device seems to send these position status messages out any time the position changes and I was expecting that Home Assistant integrations, like Tuya and LocalTuya, would be able to use this information to keep the state of the HA device in sync with the physical device.

Is there a way to set this up or is there a reason why these updates from the device are not accessible to Home Assistant?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @jhthompson12 did you manage to get the updated state eventually? I am new to the whole HA thing and I am struggling with this too.

Any update on this matter? I have also several Wifi Zemismart curtains with the same issue.
I would add that when I send a command, sometimes a curtain might not actually execute it (still no sure the reason, it might be low wifi signal) and even the command was send with Tuya integration, it becames out of sync too (curtain was set to open, but it was not executed and it is actually closed)

tuya cloud is flakey TUYA Cloud doesn't always respond, leading to incorrect device state, and devices showing as unavailable. · Issue #115344 · home-assistant/core · GitHub