Tuya device's status not updating properly in HA

Tuya sees my devices but some of them are misbehaving. 4 of my switches are working but two are not. In my dashboard when I toggle my fan switch on my fan comes on and the switch moves. But after a few seconds the switch on my dashboard flips back as if the device were off. The fan stays on. If I toggle it on nothing happens and in a few seconds the virtual switch on dashboard flips to off. Interestingly, If I toggle it on and then off fast I can turn off the device.

The issue started a few days ago. Tuya stopped working completely in HA. I followed these instructions and seemed to get things working:

All through this the Tuya app works and the Tuya developer page shows my devices. I can see my devices in HA they just dont seem to update properly.

I have tried:
-In Tuya I reset the plugs and set them up as new.
-In HA I got rid of any references to the old plugs

Here is one thing I dont understand how Tuya is now integrated into HA. It used to be an integration and I could just delete it. But with this new setup there is not an integration. The instructions had me create a folder called smart life. I cant figure out how to disable that folder to see if I could reinstall Tuya. I’m hesitating to delete it because then I might lose control over the plugs that are working.

Why is this happening? Tips? Should I blank the smart life folder and try installing local Tuya?

Have you checked whether the trial period with your Tuya Developer Account has ended? If so apply for another 6 month trial. I experienced a similar behavior a couple of weeks ago. After Tuya approved the extension all went back to normal again.

Thanks for the tip. I regret getting Tuya devices. I just wanted some plugs that work with HA. I guess I should have gone with zigbee enabled plugs.

Live and learn.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try to extend Tuya.

I went the hard way too. But it’s never too late to switch over to Zigbee, ESPHome etc. Just stay away from Tuya WiFi based devices.