Tuya devices stopped updating sensors

Hi I have a problem. My tuya devices, 2 smart plugs. Stopped updating sensor values automatically.

Now To update the value I have to turn the plug off or open the plug on the phone app, and then it updates immediately.

I am using local tuya, but I installed Tuya v2 to check, and I have the same problem there.

Does anyone have the same problem? How can I change the frequency of the updates?

It happened after short power outage in my home.

I tried a lot of things to fix this. Wasted about 6h and the fix was to remove the plug from the tuya app, remove it from local tuya in HA and add it again.
I hope i will not need to do this every time i have a power outage… so like 2-3 times a week.

OK this didn’t fix it. It just made home assistant repeat the same values every ~1min
To get te update i still need to open the phone app.

Here You can see, that its the same value until I open the app, and it starts to update a lot just at the end of the graph when i left the app open.

This is weirder than i thought. When my pc is off the plugs work normally.
I don’t have time for more tinkering. Just flashed Tasmota and duck tuya integration.

Does anyone had luck fixing this? It seemed that with TuyaV2 1.5 everything is OK, but with 1.6 the issue is back again. A Core restart polls the sensors, but after that nothing…

Same here, sensors which are now considered as “secondary entities” are not updating unless I open the app

I had similar when adding the integration, I already use Local Tuya for most of my Tuya devices but it didn’t support a new air con unit we had installed so I had to install the official cloud app. I found that although the unit could be controlled by HA through the official integration, the sensors for the unit weren’t updating when it was turned on etc, the only time it would refresh is if I restarted HA then it would stick again at whatever status it updated to at the time.

The reason mine was doing it was because although I was subscribed to the Device Status Notification module in Tuya IOT Platform, I hadn’t authorised to the project my HA Tuya integration is using to control things. Once I authorised it to that project everything started working as expected.