Tuya Dimmer and datapoint of switch and dimm

As mentioned on the documentation i have put in yamal file:

# Uart definition to talk to MCU dimmer
  tx_pin: GPIO1
  rx_pin: GPIO3
  stop_bits: 1
  baud_rate: 9600

# Register the Tuya MCU connection

but I’m not abale to find the Datapoint of switch and dimm… this is the log:

[17:32:22][C][uart:145]: UART Bus:
[17:32:22][C][uart:147]:   TX Pin: GPIO1
[17:32:22][C][uart:150]:   RX Pin: GPIO3
[17:32:22][C][uart:152]:   Baud Rate: 9600 baud
[17:32:22][C][uart:153]:   Stop bits: 1
[17:32:22][C][uart:155]:   Using hardware serial interface.
[17:32:22](Message skipped because it was too big to fit in TCP buffer - This is only cosmetic)
[17:32:22][C][tuya:024]: Tuya:
[17:32:22](Message skipped because it was too big to fit in TCP buffer - This is only cosmetic)
[17:34:09][I][ota:046]: Boot seems successful, resetting boot loop counter.

does anyone have any suggestions to give me? the hardware is that:

Does it really use Tuya? I found this in a post:

With Tasmota and SerialSend5 I can now adjust all brightness levels:
off 0% -> SerialSend5 FF 55 00 05 DC 0A
on 100% -> SerialSend5 FF 55 FF 05 DC 0A
0 - 100% -> SerialSend5 FF 55 xx 05 DC 0A

now it works very well with this script:

Exposes the light to HA and manage well the phisical switch but this script is dome before the ESPhome Tuya support.
I would like to try the new Tuya support to simplify the scropt

Whilst the WiFi ESP2866 daughter board is a standard Tuya module - the serial comms to the MCU for the dimmer isn’t the same Tuya protocol used in many other Tuya dimmers. Even the tasmota option uses a custom script to send the serial comms rather than the tuya serial option.

As also confirmed by Otto…https://github.com/esphome/feature-requests/issues/352#issuecomment-546645938

Now have 7 or 8 installed around the house and still very happy with them.

Here you will find everything you need:
it works perfectly for me