Tuya Dimmer - Brightness ranges

I have a couple of Tuya dimmers (iswitchOz which I believe are Makegood) integrated in HA using Tuya.

When trying to dim the lights, they only respond to values in the 0-33% and dim accordingly.
Looking at the standard instruction set however I can see that the switches have a bright_value of 25-255.

In my Smartlife app I can dim without a problem between 0-100%
However, in HA the dimmer slider only works between 0-33% and dims the light in those ranges. But HA is also not dimming the light properly up and down. It seems to go to max value and then dim down instead of dimming up/down. The Smart Life app also dims properly.

I wonder if anybody else has the same experience?

Is there somehow a way to re-adjust the slider ranges in HA or even readjust the range in the dimmer itself? And make HA dim the light properly up and down?

I actually also opened a ticket with Tuya and after some back and forth this is what I got back:

We would like to explain: because it is a composite product (including lighting and sockets), there is currently no public entrance to query the product function points. Now the scope of the standard function points of lighting products is [25 255], so now this All you can see is [25 255], so this data cannot be processed temporarily (because it is a composite product). In fact, the time range for this function point is [ {“unit”:"",“min”:1,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1,“type”: “value” }], you already know this range.

So I am wondering now how can I tell the dimmer (which doesn’t have a socket btw) - to use a dimming range of 25 to 255 or how to convert the dimming range in HA to map 0 to 100 to 25 to 255.