Tuya fan configuration

I purchased a WiFi ceiling fan remote kit from Amazon. The device uses the Smart Home app. I was able to use the Tuya app to get it connected. The device works fine from the phone app.

I am not able to get the device to be recognized in HA.
I used the Developer Tools/Service for the tuya.pull_devices and I still do not see the device. I have restarted the HA multiple times.

I currently have 2 devices in the Tuya app that currently work (and still worok), prior to trying to add the fan device.

How do I get the device to be found or pulled into HA?

unfortunately not all of tuya device will be discovered by ha , what you have to do is flash them with tuya convert and then configure them on tasmota.

Thanks for the response. I have been researching the tuya convert and I think it is doable. How do I know if my device can be flashed and configured with tasmota? I see there is a list of devices and the one I have is not listed. Will any device be able to be flashed?

Here you have all the tempalte for the tasmota , if your device is not included you can try to see if there is something similar , anyway you should at least start to evaluate if the chipset is compatible with the flash.

Thanks again for a response. I took the case off the device and it has a Nuvoton WiFi chip.
The router has the device listed as ESP_4DF85E.

This is the device I purchased.

Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit, WI-FI Smart Fan Control Timing Wireless Control with Amazon Alexa
sold by Ostrich.

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https://templates.blakadder.com/misc.html unfortunately doesn’t seem to be there , you shoud see if tuya flash can get to it and then playing with templates

I was able to flash the device with Tasmota. I am able to get it to be recognized by HA with MQTT. My issue now is trying to find the proper template. I found a Sonoff that is similar and I will try to see if it works.

Following the instructions via the Tasmota documentation, I am unable to get the device to work. I can get some relays to respond but they are not consistent in the response. Not sure what to do. I am going to assume the device will not work with Tasmota.

Look into esphome, its simple to flash right from tasmotas web update spot.

Is it possible to flash the device with the original software? I don’t want to put any more time towards this device. I just want it to work like it did out of the box.

Hello @im_etten Jason,

How did you flash it with Tasmota? Were you able to do it OTA or did you have to open it up?

Sorry for the late resonse. I flashed it with Tasmota via OTA. I have given up on this device. Not worth the trouble for me.

I just wanted to verify that you were able to get it flashed with Tasmota and at least connect to the web interface. This indicates that it isn’t a ESP8266 based chip.

Yes. I was able to get it flashed with Tasmota and connect to the web interface.

Just checking, but it sounds like no one is able to get these fan conversion switches to work effectively in HA. Is this correct? I have done a work around with scenes in Alexa app and then just trigger the scenes as entities in any automations. Also have the scenes on dashboard and trigger like switch, I just have to use like 6 scenes. I have fan on low, fan on med, fan on high, fan off, light on, light off. It is not as pretty as 2 buttons, but it works.
Let me know if anyone has found the solution for these little buggers. Thanks!

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I have a Wi-Fi tuya fan controller, Fnado F2-U, which looks exactly like the Ostrich controller pictured above. It works great with HomeSeer v4 OOB using the Tuya plugin. Leveraging Alexa like @richn (above) is not really an option for me and appears Tasmota does not support it. Are there any other options? Has anyone tried LocalTuya?

Thank you

Local tuya and the new tuya apps will control the fan but not the light. There just doesn’t seem to be a template for it.

I’m controlling the light and fan with local tuya, and was even able and to turn the obnoxious beep off. They key is mapping the tuya ID codes for the device. Fan is 1, light is 9, beep is 17

Mine was this aubric one but it looks identical

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I gave up on these trying to get them directly into HA. I already had a Bond hub, so I just programmed the remotes (I have 5 of them) into Bond and can control all the fans via HA that way. What’s annoying is that I also have the Tuya/Treatlife 4 speed WiFi wall switches, and those don’t work at all with anything other than Alexa/Google Home and the various flavors of Tuya phone apps. No idea why they would cripple the functionality like this. They clearly support it if you flash the devices, which of course is just another huge PITA. Now in the process of replacing all the Tuya/Treatlife wall fan controllers with ZWave fan controllers. WAAAAAAY less hassle.

Has anyone found a fan/light controller that works out of the box?

Is local tuya being shutdown at the end of this month?